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Rozanne Bell:

Born in Zimbabwe in 1962 Rozanne Bell lived & exhibited her work all over Southern Africa and, through tourism, an American market for her work evolved. As her style has evolved she has developed a strong international following. In 2002, the political climate in Zimbabwe necessitated Rozanne's move to England. The ability to adapt to a new environment coupled with her determination to succeed has created strong demand for her work here in the UK.

Rozanne has developed in her work a style and a technique which make each and every painting totally unique. Over the years she has cultivated her art through a natural flair and talent which is now so evident in all her artistic styles.




In the Garden - SOLD

In the Garden

(Floral - More Info)



Summer Flourish I

Summer Flourish

(Floral - More Info)



Summer Flourish II - SOLD

Poppy Painting

(Floral - More Info)



Imaginings - SOLD


(Night Harbour - More Info)



High in the Sky - SOLD

Beach scene original painting

(Beach Scene Original - More Info)




A Beautiful View

Balloon Landscape painting

(Landscape Original - More Info)


Summer Valley - SOLD

Balloon Landscape painting

(Balloon Summer Painting - more info)



Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

(Night Scene - More Info)




Beach Life - SOLD

Roz Bell beach scene original painting

(Rozanne Bell Original - More Info)




Herding Sheep - SOLD

Night Town Painting

(Night Scene - more info)



Herding Sheep II

Acrylic night town oriignal

(Night Scene - more info)

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